Profanes du droit


Laypeople in Law. A Sociolegal Perspective (A. Kretschmann, G. Mouralis et U. Zeigermann, co-eds), Routledge, 2024

This book contributes to a better understanding of the role laypeople hold in the social functioning of law. It adopts the scholarly insight that the law is unthinkable without an everyday legal understanding of the law pursued by laypeople. It engages with the assumption that not only the law’s existence but also its development is shaped by the layperson’s affirmations, oppositions, ignorance, or negations of the law. This volume thus aims to fill a void in socio-legal studies. Whereas many socio-legal theories tend to conceptualize the law through legal experts’ actions, institutions, procedures, and codifications, it argues that such a viewpoint underestimates the role of laypeople in the law’s processing and advocates for a strengthened conceptual place in socio-legal theory. 


Laypersons in Law. Social Science Perspectives on Legal Practices of Non-Professionals, Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin, 8-10 May 2019 (org. A. Kretschmann, G. Mouralis et U. Zeigermann)